Shout Outs!

This page is dedicated to all those out there who were nice enough to throw some generous help our way.  Thanks a ton to everyone and here is your SHOUT OUT!

Sean Koenig and Denise Miller at ChangeStream Media – thanks for the professional yet lighthearted filming/recording services for the promo video.  Not to mention the numerous editing hours, we really appreciate the help!  The ChangeStream Media website will be up soon and you will surely see a post on this website about this ground-breaking NGO.  As for now,  here is their facebook page:

James Tucker – your art work is amazing!  Thanks a ton for the time you put into designing and personalizing the main logo art.  Check out his facebook page:

Kurtis Taogaga – for taking some time out of his hectic schedule and recording a Kiwi’s perspective on the event for the promotional video.  Kurt is about to start a new chapter of his life in England and we wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors!

Nathan “Emu” Farren – for sacrificing his brown, wavy hair for the cause at the “Off With His Hair” Event.  Thanks a ton and best of luck on your return back to school and Australia!

Those who took time out of their hectic lives to drop us editorial advice throughout the production process of the website and fundraising letters:

Mike Gawley
Pat Guthrie
Luke Reidy
Michael Owens

And of course, everyone who has supported us so far, in any kind of way!  We are extremely grateful 🙂


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