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Update: GET A SHIRT!  They are now available for $15.  See the 6/1/2011 post for a picture and letter from the artist who designed these fantastic shirts:

Event Shirt Design: GET YOURS ASAP!

Event Shirt Design: GET YOURS ASAP!

Contact us for information on getting a shirt.  Hand delivery or pick-up are ideal, but USPS delivery may also be available.  

Now you’re thinking, “This is GREAT! But, how do I get Involved?”

You can help! If you have a special talent that is applicable to this event and you would like to join in on the fun, here’s your chance! Or maybe you want to run too. Contact us and start training! Perhaps you will be in New Zealand during the event and have a couch or two that a runner can sleep on. Contact us and we will let you know when Phil will be by to crash! There are tons of possible ways you can help! If you have a creative way you can lend a hand, our committee is open to suggestions and any help we can get.

Disappointingly, running clothes/shoes/accessories are darn expensive, so equipment donations are also appreciated!  If you want to donate equipment, be sure to contact us before you make the purchase.

And, of course, since this is a fundraiser, monetary donations are accepted.  Here is the link to PayPal to donate directly to the event::

You can also donate by transferring money through a New Zealand bank account.  Details:

P A Guerrero


If you would rather send a physical check or donate cash directly please contact us at for information on taking this route.


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