Porirua/Wellington again? > Paraparaumu > Levin > Palmerston North

13 Dec

Day 33 – 22km/13.7 miles later…

So I left Wellington, saying goodbye to the great city once again, en route North to complete the challenge of a lifetime…and then my backpack broke after 22 km in a suburb called Porirua 😦  Luckily, Porirua was only a 25 minute train ride from Wellington, so I hopped one to get back in time to hit an outdoors shop and grab a new and better backpack.  Lighter, softer, and nicer.  The broken backpack was a godsend and allowed me to surprise my buddies and chill for an extra night.  Thanks again to Carrie and her flatmates for having a surprise guest that night.

Day 34 – 31.8 km/19.8 miles later…

Ok… off again and this time to Paraparaumu.  After taking the train back to where I left off the day before I raged on up to find myself on the coast again.  The Kapiti Coast this was and a beautiful one at that.  A relatively short run, but I decided to take a break at a cafe along the way and was approached by a woman, Julie Walley, about my running.  She had passed me on the highway and was curious about why I was running.  I gave her the (well-rehearsed) spiel and she mentioned how her husband suffered a similar event to what my dad suffered.  However, her husband was lucky enough to be within the proximity of a defibrillator and survived.  Julie asked about where I was staying that night and, at that point, I hadn’t received any confirmation from the hotels/motels/backpackers I had contacted in Paraparaumu.  Immediately she was on the phone calling her friends and the hotel where she was staying to find me a place.  We exchanged numbers and an hour later I got a text saying that I would be able to stay at the Raumati Sands Resort (http://www.raumatisands.co.nz/ ) free of charge!  A huge shout out to Julie for the help and encouragement and to Heather and Tom at the Raumati Sands for having me for the night’s sponsorship.  Hooray for good luck!

Day 35 – 48.9km/30.4 miles later…

Levin… Once again I had to depart from the coast and head inland towards the center of the North Island.  But I was making northern progress and moving further towards my goal.  This run was relatively uneventful, but I made it, stayed in a typical motel and waited to depart for the next day…

Day 36 – 48.6 km/30.2 miles later…

Palmerston North… Boy, did this run seem long.  It was an average length run, a bit warm, but otherwise no different than most.  But I was looking forward to meeting up with Hannah and Nathan Mooney.  I hadn’t met them until I arrived that day, for I was put in touch with them by a rugby buddy I met in Seoul, Simon Walsh.  Hannah is his sister and the day I arrived, they were having a party for Nathan’s 30th birthday.  Initially, she was unsure if it would be too loud and not the proper atmosphere for someone who was doing excessive running, but I assured her that I am never one to shy away from a social event.  So I showed up, showered and joined the party.  It was great to meet tons of new people, some even willing to help me get in touch with people along the way of my running route.  Overall, it was a great time and Hannah, Nathan and all their friends and family were very welcoming, making me feel comfortable from the very beginning.  Of course, a huge shout out to Hannah and Nathan for letting me crash and feeding me 🙂

Another few stops down…

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