Tomorrow! repost from October 28, 2011

5 Nov

Yesterday I took a flight from Wellington to Dunedin, hopped a bus to Invercargill and slept on the first of many couches expected for this adventure. For this couch I can thank 3 talented music students in Invercargill: Emerald, Ruby and Wilson. A special thanks to Emerald for being the specific contact and providing a night of an old school movie, late night resourcefulness and a stop at Occupy Invercargill. An excellent start!

I woke up, hit the local Pik n’ Save for the next days nourishment and was swooped up by the resourceful Juanita Thornton, a Project Coordinator for the South Catlins Development and Environmental Charitable Trust ( ). To say “thank you” would simply not suffice for the amount of help Juanita graciously and generously provided. She not only gave me a ride from Invercargill to Curio Bay (an hour drive one-way), but organized a night of sponsored accommodation in the Catlin area. She also gave me several contacts for later in my journey.

Another huge shout out to the Lazy Dolphin Backpackers Lodge ( for having me for a night in Curio Bay.  This amazing lodge boasts a 30 second walk to the scenic beaches of Porpoise Bay neighboring several breathtaking views of landscape and rare wildlife, including the scarce Yellow-eyed Penguin.  Thank you to Glenda for her heartfelt hosting and warm welcome.

So, off to Papatowai tomorrow for the first 26 miles of my 1200 mile journey where I will begin with some beach-side running and work my way into some thick forest, hills, and valleys.

Holy CRAP!!! It’s here!!

Sincere Cheers!

Big Cat


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