Get your shirts!

1 Jun

Hey Everyone!

The shirts are out and ready for you to grab one!  For merely $15 you can get a professionally designed and printed shirt touting this great event.  Check out this crazy-cool design:

Event Shirt Design: GET YOURS ASAP!

Event Shirt Design: GET YOURS ASAP!

To get a shirt, contact us.  They can be hand-delivered or picked up.  For bigger orders or special shipping, send us an email and we will figure something out!

This shirt was designed by James Tucker, a phenomenal young man from England (and a friend/ clubmate of the Phil “Big Cat” Guerrero).  James, AKA Jimmy SK, is simply a fantastic artist and his love and pride for his work is second to none.  JimmySK took this commission as a favor to the event committee and had some things to say about how he got involved with this event.

A note from JimmySK to the GivePhil5 website:

“Phil(Big Cat) and I  have known each other for a while now and it was on a plane journey back from Beijing in 2010, that he told me about his intentions to ‘run New Zealand’ and of his motivations to do it based on his desire to bring awareness to Heart Disease and to hopefully raise a lot of money for a wonderful cause that I think we should all support.

Over the last year or so, a lot of my art work has been based on using geometric forms to illustrate speed and movement. I had recently finshed a piece on a runner and was excited to potentially expand on this further for the Give Phil 5 project. It was also a great honour to be asked to produce a memorial piece for a friend’s family member. Making the picture was a lot of fun. I got to work with some wonderful old photos of Phil’s Dad and it was great to be able to run free with the design.

I can’t wait to see the t-shirts made and I hope that I have created something Phil and his family will look fondly upon in the future.

All the best with the event Phil, thanks so much for allowing me to be part of it.”

JimmySK currently resides in Seoul, South Korea, where his art can be found in public and private venues all over the city.  His style is unique, for he uses a combination of raw artistic talent and stencils to create his pieces.  He is also a free-lance illustrator and is willing to take on commission pieces from over-seas or within Korea (nearly all the communication about the shirt design seen above was done over-seas, and it certainly concluded as a success).  His portfolio and products can be found at  & .  The PCG Memorial Heart Run encourages all its supporters to check out JimmySK’s art, for his work and effort is greatly appreciated.

A special thanks to Brand Marinade ( for printing the shirts and being friendly and helpful the whole way. Brand Marinade is a clothes printing company based in Southern California, servicing anyone who needs shirts or other types of clothing printed.  The PCG Memorial Heart Run fully supports Brand Marinade.

That is all for this update!  Thanks for reading and supporting those who have used their talents to progress this event!

PCG Memorial Heart Run Committee


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