Phil’s Adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area

12 Apr

Here is a post from the PCG Memorial Heart Run Founder, Committee Chair and Charity Runner, Phil “Big Cat” Guerrero.

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well for all those out there!

I was fortunate enough to find time to spend a week in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It was fantastic to catch up with several friends and sight-see all over an area I have not had a thorough opportunity to explore. Since I have been training for the PCG Memorial Heart Run, it was only natural that I did a majority of my traveling and sight-seeing on foot.  In retrospect, there is no better way!

I started my trip by arriving in San Jose via bus then taking off on my own two feet up the south east side of the Bay, eventually arriving in Hayward.  Check out the sweet ad I passed on this tromp!

Even though the ad isn't for Heart Disease it's still SWEET!

Even though the ad isn't for Heart Disease it's still SWEET!

During my few days in Hayward I explored a few neighborhoods, eventually getting to the Dry Creek Regional Park where the rolling hills and lovely cow-inhabited pastures afforded my mind and body much bliss (shout out to my buddy Job for turning me on to the running route to the regional park and for letting me crash on his comfortable couch during my time in Hayward).

Dry Creek Regional Park

Dry Creek Regional Park

The next day, I decided to save some time by taking the BART up to Oakland where I hoofed it around the Coliseum, traversed the Alameda coast (which gives a spectacular view of downtown San Francisco, not to mention the beautiful Bay), then went back up into Oakland to pad through the historic Jack London Square.

Finally, the time came where I would venture into the area affectionately referred to by the locals as: “The City.”  I was bustling with excitement as I rode the BART to the San Francisco Peninsula (disappointingly, no pedestrians are allowed on the San Francisco Bay Bridge otherwise I would have ran that too).  Here, the first event planned was a hilly city loop through the heart of the city.  Guided by an old fraternity friend and his classmate from law school (shout out to Mike and Brooke, to Mike especially for letting me crash, toll free, at his place for my time in The City),

Mike and Brooke guiding me on my first SF city run.

Mike and Brooke guiding me on my first SF city run.

I came across multiple SF landmarks such as Lombard St., the Marina, Fishermen’s Wharf, Market St., and the enchanting Tenderloin (yes, that was a bit sarcastic).

One main reason I was up in the Bay Area was to attend, as mentioned in the recent Twitter posts, the Born to Run Naked Tour 2011 (for those who are unfamiliar with the event:  The first of the two day event took place in Palo Alto.  I took a train down from The City and met someone I had been itching to meet for ages, Christopher McDougall, author of the National Bestseller, Born to Run!  Also in attendance was highly-renowned running coach, Eric Orton (  The event was a success, filling the hosting venue to the brim with avid runners of varying skill.  It was great to interact with Chris, Eric, and, nutrition genius, Sunny Blende (  The were very personable and receptive to all the brain-picking I could muster up!

Despite the success of the first Naked Tour event, the second was what I was highly anticipating.  So, at 11 AM on April 9th, I departed from the Tenderloin neighborhood of SF and tackled a scenic run to Corte Madera, a city on the northern peninsula of the Bay.  This certainly proved to be the

Presidio view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Presidio view of the Golden Gate Bridge

most beautiful run I took all trip.  I took off on a northern route through the city streets of SF until I came to The Marina and quickly found myself in the Presidio, an enormous park/small business area along the mouth of the Bay that ends at the Golden Gate Bridge.  I continued on to cross the amazing Golden Gate Bridge entering luscious Marin County, pitter-pattering my way through Sausalito, and on to Corte Madera to meet the Naked Tour folks and enjoy my first Naked Run.  The Naked Run consisted of about 3 miles of socializing on a bike path close to the venue in which the honored speakers (Chris, Eric, and Sunny) would speak.  Sadly, I did not get any pics of the run because I was too busy chatting away with all the friendly runners who also showed up for the run.

Chris McDougall speaking during the Naked Tour

Chris McDougall speaking during the Naked Tour

After the run, all the runners were blessed with the words of the speakers, who simply rocked the house, keeping what they had to say light-hearted, funny, and applicable to everyone in the room.  By the end of the event, I had attained a signed copy of Born to Run, networked with tons of cool runners, and had a fantastic time doing it!

Well, this is my report about my eventful running adventure in SF and now I  have returned to LA County to continue my training and exploration of Southern California running.  I am happy to have seen and met so many groovy people up in the Bay and thank you all for reading!

As Chris McDougall signed my copy of his book: Run Wild!

Phil “Big Cat” Guerrero


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  1. Pauliver April 13, 2011 at 11:56 PM #

    Sounds like an awesome trip buddy. Keep it up!

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